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Does your car have the following problems?
The following problems are caused by the long-term aging of the ignition coil and the deterioration of the ignition performance;
The power drops and the accelerator pedal is not smooth when stepping on the gas;Difficulty in starting, jitter at idle;Weak acceleration。
Why choose the original factory?
MFS IGNITION parts are developed and supervised by automakers in accordance with the original vehicle inspection standards; targeted research and development of vehicles, control of product performance, original parts adaptation system, and unified specifications.
Accurate selection of vehicle accessories!
Provide accurate OE code to help choose car accessories;
Step 1: Find the vehicle identification number VIN (frame number) or OE NO., 1. The lower left corner of the front windshield; 2. The engine front cover; 3. On the nameplate at the lower end of the B-pillar on the right side of the vehicle; 4. View above the motor vehicle license.
MFSINGITION is powerful and reliable in quality.
Solve the jitter, reduce fuel consumption, enhance power, and ignite quickly. High-performance ignition coil, every place is ingenious, installed in situ, improve power, safety protection, enhanced combustion, high temperature and high pressure resistance, quality assurance.
The material is anti-aging, high-quality epoxy resin filling, high insulation performance, high-density imported rubber sleeve, the overall structure is stronger, and the service life is longer.
Large energy conversion, the ignition coil converts low-voltage direct current into high-voltage electricity, and generates high-efficiency capacity through spark plug discharge, which brings strong power conversion.
Feature analysis: Efficiently enhance power, improve idling instability, improve car frustration, original factory imported accessories, high-intensity ignition, strong power and low fuel consumption.
Product details: Improve the service life, imported from Germany. The original factory standard, MFSINGITION accessories are consistent with the original factory quality! In-situ installation, original cylinder liner scratch process, without any debugging, plug and play.
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